Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well the Dumbocraps are at it again. In a veritable orgy of Kerry-style flip-flopping, Obama is changing positions on everything. How do you elect a democrat socialist? By masquerading as a moderate.

Only their unfamiliarity with moderate positions is a dead giveaway - they can't get it right. So tehy spin and try to make it seem that McCain is coming to the moderate position late. They forget that he is the quintessential poster boy of lukewarm, the fence-sitting champion of mealy-mouthed politics. His only strong position - ever - have been taxes, defense and second amendment. But he still appears as a rock of consistent moderate politics compared to the magic negro socialist candidate.

By the way - has anyone ever determined the final status of B. Hussein Obama's forged Hawaii birth certificate? His campaign has been awfully quiet about this one...

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