Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another School Shooting

I’ll keep this brief…it’s all been said before anyway.

Gun free zone = shooting gallery.
School = gun free zone = shooting gallery.
Cops had chance to take gun off him, they blew it.
Their fuckup, and ten people died.

No rant today, pray for the families, pray for those who have died….we all know there will be more shootings as time goes on…or until the day someone wakes up, and allows concealed carry on campus.

These massacres will only stop the day some nutcase finds himself facing the business end of a loaded weapon.

In the name of God the Father, keeper of Heaven and Earth, Lord of all, my Saviour and friend, grant peace to the souls so wrongly taken from this earth, grant healing to their families and loved ones as they try and find a way to cope with the unbearable, shattering and soul tearing loss so cruelly cast upon them this day.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Republican or Democrap?

It boils down to this: Republicans have a war hero running for president, Ronald Reagan reincarnated as a woman running for vice president, and an opponent in Barack Obama who has voted 97% of the time in lockstep with the failed leadership of the do nothing Democratic Congress, The Dem Congress has failed to pass an energy bill, has failed to stop earmarks and pork barrel spending, and has failed to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq with the result that we won the war that the Dems in Congress said was unwinnable! They bring bills to the floor secretly. They fail in their trust to America (are you listening, Dodd? Rangel? Pelosi?) All this from the most “ethical and transparent” Congress eva.

Republicans are on the right side of all of the truly big issues of the day: Winning the war on terror; cutting pork barrel spending; vetoing all bills that have earmarks; supporting choice in education; stopping efforts to increase taxes; promoting even more free trade; appointing judges who will not legislate from the bench; passing a comprehensive energy bill that includes more drilling, more nuclear power, development of shale oil, and development of wind and solar; supporting the Bill of Rights (mostly); recalibrating the tax code; and creating a culture of life in which child rearing and raising a family is supported and not looked down on.

Palin/McCain !!!! oops.

"Great" Britain

What’s with “Great” Britain nowadays?

Presumably due to the exploding muslim population, ISLAMIC law has been officially adopted in Britain, with sharia courts given powers by the Crown courts to rule on Muslim civil cases.

The government has quietly sanctioned the powers for sharia judges to rule on cases ranging from divorce and financial disputes to those involving domestic violence.

For the illumination of the legally challenged amongst us, we ask: Since when was domestic violence a civil case?

One presumes that the Religion of Honor Killings will come up with some perfectly wonderful rulings on domestic violence cases, rulings that will further serve to highlight Britain as a beacon of equal “justice” for all.

There are concerns that women who agree to go to tribunal courts are getting worse deals because Islamic law favours men. Think so?

The Magna Carta is dead.


Last Thursday, Senator McCain set the stage by congratulating Senator Obama on his historic moment.

Last Friday, Senator McCain made even bigger history with his knock-it-out-of-the-park unanticipated selection of Sarah Palin for VP. His sequencing totally refocused the attention of the media on him and Palin – denying any surge of interest in Obama.

Last Saturday the media swung into gear, nakedly exposing the left’s de facto contempt for women (feminism be damned) and their slime-machine techniques were on open display. No time for subtlety, understand. In the most hilarious moment of the campaign so far, the progressive party of feminists was actually stating that a woman’s place was at home with her children!

On Wednesday, Palin delivered a stunning speech simultaneously defending her record, promoting McCain, and attacking Obama. She pulled it off like a seasoned pro, with some of the best comparisons and summations of Obama’s positions this little old Commander has ever seen.

Former “President” Carter summed up the only Democratic defense nicely when he accused McCain of exploiting his POW story. (huhhhh???!?!?! At least he has a story…)

Last night, McCain delivered a rousing speech on what it means to be an American unencumbered by totalitarian government. How it is supposed to work on the moderate-to-conservative right. And how he planned to shake things up in his term. The left still tries to demonize Palin.

It was a great week in American politics, that’s for sure. A whole new method of campaigning and a whole new Republican dynamic is unfolding before our eyes.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Grand Slam Home Run!

All over America this weekend, the middle class reaction to Palin’s selection was frenzied, while the left-wing hate merchants sprang into action with a vigor unseen since the “Bush lied” derangement. Especially among women. Women called in to radio en masse Friday, dwarfing the normally-male commenters.

Palin provides a much welcome cultural break from the chip-on-the-shoulder harridan model of political women that have been prevalent (think corrupt, anti-moral, belligerent and insufferable self-serving bitch: Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno, et al.) She has rejected the perks of public life in favor of common sense. She is friendly to business but unfriendly to perks. She supports Ron Paul and rejects party mentalities.

A brilliant choice on McCain's part. Conservatives have or will now forgive all of McCain's deviations. Many people who didn’t care whether he wins or loses have come around completely. She will, of course, be a huge focus of the campaign. She will provide a conservative voice that keeps him honest about “reaching across the aisle” – especially on the holy 2nd amendment.
They say she lacks "experience" - bogus! The history of VPs shows a
long history of people with very little of what is called "experience" today. And contrary to the media, the political values you hold are far more important than experience.

We are not hiring managers. True leadership transcends experience arguments. Sarah Palin is smart, articulate, attractive, pro-life, and pro-gun. Her political career has been based on fighting Republican corruption. Her ratings as Alaska governor are very high. Palin will bring the whole Republican base home, and some Independent and Democratic women. Palin even blunts Hillary for 2012. They may have just locked the Dumbocraps out of the White House until 2020.

Many McCain supporters wanted Romney for VP – who may have been another good choice. However, Palin’s record is better in key ways: he failed to reform Massachusetts politics as Governor – Ted Kennedy still represents them – they still have punitive taxation – they still have the most restrictive gun laws in the US – they still function on a socialist health care system – I could go on. Even though he was a successful businessman, he did not restrict state growth in good ole Mass.

And neither Obama, Biden, or McCain has run things in an executive capacity. Palin is the most experienced one on the ticket currently. And she is the only one of the four who is a reformer who has not profited from, fought for, and continually advocated the growth of Big State Politics.

Consolidate the conservative base with representation in the Oval Office. Install a conservative as President of the Senate. Provide a powerful voice against all that is wrong with politics as usual. Moderate McCain’s overly compromising tendencies. Grab the women’s vote – at least those who can see the opportunity here. Sway many independents, libertarians, and rightish Democraps to cross the line (finally the line crossing goes the other way!). Deflate the Obama “historic” candidacy which has been nothing but pandering to minorities and Muslims all along. Completely shift the terms of the debate/election/campaign.

McCain’s first presidential decision is a master stroke. He hit the ball out of the park and it still hasn’t come down. May not ever come down.