Thursday, August 9, 2007

Political Action

So here we go into elections, 2008. Remember that the democratic process has not proved to be a guarantee of either liberty or justice. Assess the candidates carefully and vote properly.

As Churchill opined, it may be a very poor system, but remains better than any alternative we have thought up so far.

Chelsea Clinton

Says a returning Marine to Chelsea in a bar:

Only three things did I fear in Irag. Osama, Obama, and yo' mama.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mindset of the Left

By Ed Detrixhe of Clyde, Kansas:

The first thing a conservative notices about leftists is how afraid they are. Any conversation with them soon, no immediately, leads to something they fear, and they fear almost everything. They fear food, tobacco, the sun, clothing, cars, open discussion, life, death, etc.

Because of many of these deep fears it is not surprising that they are passionately interested in making life `safe.' Life must be renewed. If something incidental, such as this freedom or that freedom, must be given up in order for life to be `safer,' than so be it.

Perhaps this makes perfect sense because when someone is consumed by fear he is in effect imprisoned. Accordingly, the meaning of freedom changes.