Monday, August 25, 2008

Free Speech?

So do all tyrants read off the same page or what?

In an effort to
"placate the West," the Chinese government famously sponsored "protest zones" while hosting the Olympics. Perhaps it took a lesson earlier version of the charade: in 1988, Atlanta, Georgia confined dissidents to what one described as a "free-speech cage" during the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) convention.

The ChiComs went America’s “rulers” one better: they required would-be protestors to register for the zones. I’m reminded of an old
Gary Larson cartoon, in which a dog lurks around the corner from a clothes dryer. On its open door he’s written "cat fud," with an arrow pointing to the machine’s interior. A cat stands aquiver before it, wondering whether there’s really food inside, while the watching dog thinks, "Oh, please, oh, please…"

This is what we call a set-up. Seventy-seven people out of China’s 1.3 billion were dumb enough to fall for it, too: they actually registered with the Chinese government to protest the Chinese government’s abuses. Maybe they’re drinking the same Kool-Aid as Americans who see no harm in registering guns.

The ChiComs have ordered the protestors to a labor camp for a year, where they’ll be "re-educated through labor (RTL)" for "
disturbing the public order."

RTL is a routine and ruthless response to dissidents. It’s also efficient because Chinese law requires
no charges or trial. Indeed, the victim need not even commit a crime: "An official Chinese legal newspaper once said RTL was punishment for actions falling between crime and error."

Now google ‘FEMA camps”. Built on “President” Clinton’s watch. What are they for, exactly?

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