Thursday, July 3, 2008

USS Fife

The Commander has never laughed so hard. THERE IS JUSTICE.

The USS Fife - the Commander's first Naval assignment - was a notably unreliable ship with a distinctly dysfunctional commanding officer who displayed astonishing indifference to leadership development. The combination drove many highly capable junior officers out of the Navy - precisely the kind of officers the Navy desparately needed.

The Navy decommissioned the ship in 2005. THEN SUNK HER.

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The American Oil-Exploitation Congress (APEC) is so busy dodging the fuel/energy issue it can't be bothered to realize that our dependence on middle-eastern oil is a serious threat to national security. Any whim of the non-western world to screw around with our economy by diddling the oil price cannot be resisted. And yet we sit on the largest reserves on the globe. Doing nothing - by order of our federal policy makers.

The solution is blindingly obvious, yet in a movement of sudden mass stupidity, Congress fails to take any meaningful action at all.


Note to clear thinkers everywhere: If the Democrats had appointed just one more Justice to the U.S. Supreme Court, there would be no judicial recognition of your individual right to possess firearms in the United States of America and the march of tyranny would be empowered.