Monday, August 25, 2008

The Unconstitutional Emperor

A prominent Pennsylvania Democrat has sued Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic National Committee and the Federal Election Commission, claiming that Obama is not a natural-born citizen and, therefore, is not eligible to be president of the United States.

A WND investigation has found that at least part of Berg's lawsuit relies on discredited claims.
The lawsuit claims Barack Obama's eligibility is questionable on several grounds, including that his Hawaii birth certificate is a forgery. says it obtained Obama's actual birth certificate and that the document was indeed real. How they did this is a mystery, since Hawaii does not make these documents public, and the Obama campaign has relied upon this fact. Barry Hussein Infanticide Obama has been uncharacteristically silent on the issue.

Free Speech?

So do all tyrants read off the same page or what?

In an effort to
"placate the West," the Chinese government famously sponsored "protest zones" while hosting the Olympics. Perhaps it took a lesson earlier version of the charade: in 1988, Atlanta, Georgia confined dissidents to what one described as a "free-speech cage" during the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) convention.

The ChiComs went America’s “rulers” one better: they required would-be protestors to register for the zones. I’m reminded of an old
Gary Larson cartoon, in which a dog lurks around the corner from a clothes dryer. On its open door he’s written "cat fud," with an arrow pointing to the machine’s interior. A cat stands aquiver before it, wondering whether there’s really food inside, while the watching dog thinks, "Oh, please, oh, please…"

This is what we call a set-up. Seventy-seven people out of China’s 1.3 billion were dumb enough to fall for it, too: they actually registered with the Chinese government to protest the Chinese government’s abuses. Maybe they’re drinking the same Kool-Aid as Americans who see no harm in registering guns.

The ChiComs have ordered the protestors to a labor camp for a year, where they’ll be "re-educated through labor (RTL)" for "
disturbing the public order."

RTL is a routine and ruthless response to dissidents. It’s also efficient because Chinese law requires
no charges or trial. Indeed, the victim need not even commit a crime: "An official Chinese legal newspaper once said RTL was punishment for actions falling between crime and error."

Now google ‘FEMA camps”. Built on “President” Clinton’s watch. What are they for, exactly?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Montana Does it Again!

Recently Montana responded to the lack of coherent energy policies on the part of the US and crafted a program in which new coal mines are opened up on Montana’s Indian lands, and the coal is processed into clean coal and clean diesel/jet/heating fuel.

Permission? “We don’t need no stinkin’ permission!”

The Commander may just buy land there. *sniff* *sniff*

America is not dead yet….

Blatant Electioneering

Recent elections should give any serious Christian, conservative, heterosexual gun owning freedom-loving American pause.We get good republican candidates, lousy democratic candidates, and yet the elections were squeakers? And we expect this one to be different with a republican that is practically a democrat himself?If I were the Republicans, I would hitch up my drawers and get the word out: "Boys, it's time we represented our supporters, and we want an unimpeachable Republican observer hanging over the neck of every election official in that election, especially in the big cities." If nothing else, the next election will be 'clean'.Instead, they misread the signals and try to move closer to the democrat position in an attempt to play the statistics, conveniently forgetting that Congress has a 9% approval rating. That’s 91% of Americans polled who think the bums should get thrown out. 91%!!!!! When’s the last time you got 9 out of 10 people to agree on the holiday barbeque menu and movie selection?

If you don't like it, you have to do something. You can't sit back and rely on the NRA or anyone else to do it for you. For one thing the problem is so big, the opposition so strong, that it will take a mass grassroots to counteract it. There can be no 'mass' in grassroots without you. So hold your nose, vote for McCain, because we can’t afford Obama, and a vote for anyone else is a vote for Obama (Remember Perot and Klinton). If nothing else, you will be protecting the supreme court nominees from being more Ginsburgs…Do it; you don't want the next generation cursing you because you let their freedom be taken away by socialist democrats.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Clown of the House

Nazi Pelosi remains committed to blocking all new energy exploration (read as off-shore drilling) but is fully able to devote her vacation time during the Congressional recess to her book tour.

She has sold 2,737 copies of the flop.

“Saving the planet” – sure – but don’t ask her to actually sell any books to her “supporters”.

This would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic. Meanwhile, we all pay more….

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

District of Criminals

Showing typical liberal disdain for law when it actually applkies to them, post-Heller, Washington DC has thumbed its nose at the Supreme Court of the US, enacting restrictive legislation against gun ownership and denying Mr Heller his license in direct contravention of the court's decision.

The District's "emergency" action would keep the unconstitutional gun license requirement, keep the unconstitutional semiautomatic ban, and impose new unconstitutional "ballistics" requirements on those wishing to exercise their constitutional right to keep a firearm for self-defense.

But, even more flagrantly, the District would maintain the trigger lock and unloaded gun requirements which were explicitly overturned by the High Court.

GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt characterized the council's action by saying: "It is no wonder that the District is awash with lawlessness. The contempt for the law starts in the city council chambers."

And he also called on Congress to exercise its constitutional responsibility under Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, to rein in the lawless D.C. government - bipartisan which bills have been introduced.

"Obviously," said Pratt, "the District has demonstrated that it is unable to govern itself. So it's about time someone did it for them."

Citizen Kane-didate?

Who says Obama's campaign is fair or that he is a citizen at all? From the New York Sun:

Web loggers who are campaigning against Senator Obama's presidential run are accusing Google and Obama supporters of silencing them after their Web logs were marked as spam and their accounts temporarily frozen.

On Thursday, hours after publishing a post about an online petition demanding that Mr. Obama publicly produce his birth certificate, an associate professor of business administration at Brooklyn College, Mitchell Langbert, found that he could no longer access his Web log.
Google's Blogger hosting service had suspended "Mitchell Langbert's Blog," which Mr. Langbert describes as "two-thirds academic stuff I'm working on and one-third politics," until it could verify the Web log was not a "spam blog," or a site designed solely to increase the page views of associated Web sites.

A day later Google lifted the block on the account, but the incident and earlier Web log freezes in late June have led Mr. Langbert and other anti-Obama bloggers to accuse the Illinois senator's supporters of intentionally identifying their blog addresses to Google as spam blogs. They also say the company has reflexively suspended the sites.



"Just west of El Paso, near where Spanish conquistador Juan de Onate crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico in 1598, construction crews have completed a steel fence authorities say is a new model for border security.

"The five-meter (18-foot) tall fence has a mesh woven so tightly that feet and fingers cannot grab hold, but it still allows people to see through. Steel pylons are set close enough to stop a truck from bursting through, and two meters of reinforced concrete underground deters any tunneling."

The "pathway to citizenship" involves compliance with our immigration process.

Now that's more like it!

"Representative" Vacation

In the midst of the key issue of our election year, Pelosi has adjourned the House so Demosocialists can go explain to their constituents why they continue to intentionally hurt the public wallet through high energy prices imposed by Congress.

She went on a book tour characterized by limp sales and disjointed radical protests.

And they wonder why their approval rating is single-digit? Get this: half of President Bush's. 9%!

You can't get 10 people to agree on dinner and a movie on Friday night - much less obtain a 91% consensus nationwide! I guess the electorate is finally awake...

Pelosi is single-handedly delivering the election to the Republicans. If His Underwhelmingness McCain can't win now, he doesn't deserve to be President.


Well the Dumbocraps are at it again. In a veritable orgy of Kerry-style flip-flopping, Obama is changing positions on everything. How do you elect a democrat socialist? By masquerading as a moderate.

Only their unfamiliarity with moderate positions is a dead giveaway - they can't get it right. So tehy spin and try to make it seem that McCain is coming to the moderate position late. They forget that he is the quintessential poster boy of lukewarm, the fence-sitting champion of mealy-mouthed politics. His only strong position - ever - have been taxes, defense and second amendment. But he still appears as a rock of consistent moderate politics compared to the magic negro socialist candidate.

By the way - has anyone ever determined the final status of B. Hussein Obama's forged Hawaii birth certificate? His campaign has been awfully quiet about this one...

Nazi Pelosi

Speaker of the house Pelosi is engaged in a last-ditch effort to prevent oil drilling in the US. Regardless of the public support of the people through their representatives (now approaching 75%) for offshore drilling to increase supplies and lower prices, she erefuses to consider it and is actively blocking any vote on the matter.

Justifying her stance on purely political grounds, it is clear that the Democrat party (and let's be fair - some Republicans) have entirely ceased even the pretense of representing their constituents. Instead of fixing the situation (entirely of their own making) to reduce prices, they seriously debated adding more taxes to the oil companies. The gummint already gets 3 times as much tax revenu as the company makes profit. That's a 300% tax rate, mind you.

The Congress of the United States has become an oppressive institution and needs to be reformed immediately - by removal of these ballot mice from office.

Anti-American Democrats

Recently on Long Island, a Freeport resident grew tired of the government's apparent disinterest in enforcing immigration law when an illegal alien attempted yet another murder in his neuighborhood, or something like that.

Our intrepid citizen marched himself down to Representative Carolyn McCarthy's office in Garden City to complain. Loudly. He committed no crime. Staffers then called 911 on him. Why? Unexplained. The next day Nassau County enforcers came to his house and confiscated his guns on the theory that preemptive enforcement is somehow legal in the USA.

If you or I call 911, they invariably say that they can do nothing until a crime has been committed. But they will jump through their own ass when it's a gummint komissar doing the instructing.

Clearly the rule of law means nothing to our Dumbocrat reps or their henchmen in blue uniforms with costume jewelry on them.

Your reps are out to get you. Don't cross them. This is the message sent by "Representative" McCarthy.

It is time to remove these people from office.