Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Anti-American Democrats

Recently on Long Island, a Freeport resident grew tired of the government's apparent disinterest in enforcing immigration law when an illegal alien attempted yet another murder in his neuighborhood, or something like that.

Our intrepid citizen marched himself down to Representative Carolyn McCarthy's office in Garden City to complain. Loudly. He committed no crime. Staffers then called 911 on him. Why? Unexplained. The next day Nassau County enforcers came to his house and confiscated his guns on the theory that preemptive enforcement is somehow legal in the USA.

If you or I call 911, they invariably say that they can do nothing until a crime has been committed. But they will jump through their own ass when it's a gummint komissar doing the instructing.

Clearly the rule of law means nothing to our Dumbocrat reps or their henchmen in blue uniforms with costume jewelry on them.

Your reps are out to get you. Don't cross them. This is the message sent by "Representative" McCarthy.

It is time to remove these people from office.

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