Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nazi Pelosi

Speaker of the house Pelosi is engaged in a last-ditch effort to prevent oil drilling in the US. Regardless of the public support of the people through their representatives (now approaching 75%) for offshore drilling to increase supplies and lower prices, she erefuses to consider it and is actively blocking any vote on the matter.

Justifying her stance on purely political grounds, it is clear that the Democrat party (and let's be fair - some Republicans) have entirely ceased even the pretense of representing their constituents. Instead of fixing the situation (entirely of their own making) to reduce prices, they seriously debated adding more taxes to the oil companies. The gummint already gets 3 times as much tax revenu as the company makes profit. That's a 300% tax rate, mind you.

The Congress of the United States has become an oppressive institution and needs to be reformed immediately - by removal of these ballot mice from office.

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