Thursday, May 8, 2008

Borders, Lanuguage, Culture

Compromise, they always proclaimed in glowing terms, is the one indispensible, absolutely magical key to living and working within that best of all possible political worlds, a democracy.
However, compromise might be more properly termed a “solution:” which satisfies no one. Especially relating to borders.

If everybody takes a stance and won't budge, if nobody is willing to give at least an inch (if not a mile), why, then nothing will ever get done! (This overlooks the obvious fact that there are circumstances -- almost all of which involve government -- in which nothing ever should get done.)

Thanks to the left-wing politicos in Congress who were usually the principal advocates of compromise, it always seems to be the other guy who was supposed to be so willing to compromise. (Like the way you and I never get to be "others" when "others" are the entities we're all supposed to live to serve. And provide education for. And free health care. And drivers licenses.)

And of course whoever has been sucker enough to compromise is expected to do it all over again, the next time the subject comes up.
Somebody needs to knock them down, sit on their chests, and scream down their nostrils that any compromise with evil is -- guess what -- evil!

In a matter of less than twenty years, our campuses, the media, and then our places of business were taken over by a kind of social disease we now call "political correctness" in which it's considered unacceptable to call a thing by its true name, to want to know who started the fight, to protect yourself, to judge individuals by their actual abilities or virtues, or to enjoy anything that might make the most hypochondriac lunatic among us whimper or sniffle that he's allergic to anyone even thinking about eating peanut butter, wearing perfume, or smoking tobacco.
We're also too ready to compromise on an international level. One thing is beyond doubt: there is a conspiracy to flood our southwestern states -- Arizona, New Mexico, southern California, southwest Texas -- with enough foreign nationals to seize them politically and deliver them to Mexico. This conspiracy is taking place in broad daylight, with the full knowledge and support of the Mexican government, and we're too polite to do anything about it.

It's called "la Reconquista" -- the reconquest -- and it festered first in the academia-decayed minds of far-left Hispanic professors in border-state universities. And it's a lie: for the most part the lands in question never belonged to Mexico to begin with; the plan is that they never will. Instead, the advocates of _la Reconquista_ yearn for their very own socialist paradise called "Aztlan", where the economic system that killed tens of millions through arctic exile, political execution, and good old fashioned starvation, the system that failed in Russia, virtually destroyed eastern Europe, and is being rapidly abandoned by China will be given a good old college try all over again. Remember – socialism is the most foul, murderous potical system yet devised by man – and the most efficient mass-murder machine.

If you try compromise, all you end up with is more evil. And as we all ought to know by now, the face of evil is not red with horns and a forked tail. Nor is it the leering, blood-lust maniacal grin of a dictator awash in bodies (although they make a good try at it). It is the face of a mild mannered, poorly dressed bureaucrat in shirt sleeves and a tie, holding a policy and procedures manual from which he cannot deviate, from which he is empowered to get even with all he envies and fears.

Presumptive Nominee

It appears that the fix is now in. Barry Obamanation has the mathematical nomination locked up. Barring some last-ditch Hail Mary nuclear scheme, Hitlery Klinton is OUT. Evidently the Democrat party agrees with the Commnander regarding her eminent unelectability and the uselessness of keeping either of the Klintons around.

What is surprising to the Commander is the broad voter support she obtained anyway. While not enough to secure the nomination without a back-room cigar smoke deal, millions of "Americans" still supporter her. One wonders what woudl be necessary to lose their support?

Would she have to hold the gun, on camera, while Willy raped a coed intern on the 6 o'clock news before the Klinton Kult would have enough?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Concealed Carry

While the Rocky Mountain News reports on March 11th regarding the increase for the entire state, this particular discussion caught my attention:

Sheriff Maketa said applications rose 87 percent in his county, and most of those were for new permits rather than renewals. He said spikes in applications happened directly after high profile shootings like the Utah mall shooting, the Virginia Tech massacre and the New Life Church gun battle — all happened in 2007.

Maketa said he's not concerned about the county's growing number of legally armed people. In fact, he said he believes law-abiding citizens make the region safer by getting the permits.

"Actually, I wish it was a higher number, because I know from experience that offenders in the jail system tell me they avoid crimes against people because they know there is a very high concealed-carry rate," Maketa said. . . .

Thought for The Day (9/11)

…if a single individual, armed with a tiny .22 revolver, had been aboard each of those airliners that fateful day, September 11 would have no more significance as a date today than September 10 or September 12.

Missing the Point

In WAYCROSS, Ga., eleven third-grade students got together and plotted to kill their teacher, even going so far as to bring handcuffs and a knife to school. Each child had a job to do, including one assigned to wipe up the blood.

The plot unraveled over the weekend when a student tipped off police, Waycross Local 6 reported.

School officials said they never imagined that some of the 8- and 9-year-olds boys and girls at the school would think of bringing physical harm to a teacher, WJXT reported.

In addition to the knife being found, the school officials said other students had duct tape, handcuffs, ribbon and a heavy crystal paperweight.

In a typical ninnyhammer reaction: "I can't believe that -- because he's a third-grader. You know, I cannot believe that. Especially, for here," said parent Doris Rowland.

Heads in the sand – again.

From the Rottweiler (Hilarious)

A boy in his mid-teens learned Wednesday afternoon that it is not a good idea to try to rob a war veteran at knifepoint, even if he is an 81-year-old former Army paratrooper.

Do not ever, ever mess with a paratrooper. They leap out of planes and then kick the living shit out of anything stupid enough to put up any resistance. No fear holds a man whose entry to combat is dependent on a few feet of wire and some cloth, backed up by hot lead and cold steel.
These men entered the European theatre and taught the Germans the meaning of the word pain.. Faced with the 82nd Airborne, more than one German platoon tucked their tail between their legs and ran.

Santa Rosa police Sgt. Steve Bair said that’s what happened around 2 p.m. in the 1600 block of Fourth Street. The elderly man, Donald Clouston, was walking with a grocery bag in each arm when the boy approached him with a large knife.

Son,. whoever you are, put the knife away now before it gets shoved someplace you don’t want it. The man you tried to rob, thinking you had an easy mark, has stared Death in the face and laughed.
Don’t make an old warrior angry, son, they know more ways to hurt you than you can ever imagine.
The boy said, “Old man, give me your wallet or I’ll cut you,” Bair said. The man told the boy he was a veteran who fought in two wars and had been threatened with knives and bayonets, Bair said.

Wielded by men who did not live to regret their folly.

Clouston then put his bags on the ground and told the boy that if he stepped closer he would be sorry. When the boy stepped closer, the man kicked him in the groin, knocking him to the sidewalk, Bair said. The Army paratrooper picked up his grocery bags and walked home, leaving the boy doubled over, Bair said.

The goblin should be grateful. The paratrooper left him alive.
BBair said the teen is white and 15 or 16 years old and anyone with information is asked to call the Santa Rosa Police Department.

He won’t be that hard to find..all the police need to do is issue an APB for a white fifteen year old with his balls wrapped around his neck.

Obama? Klinton?

"He ricochets from one scandal to another, endlessly self-absorbed and generally despised."

(No, no! We mean George IV, about whom this line was written quite some time ago.)

Ayn Rand

Let's see -

In England the law states you have to let yourself be robbed, raped, or murdered without defending yourself

US cities are actively courting illegal aliens with taxpayer-funded benefits in the name of altruism.

The Federal government is requiring all of us to support people we would never support, and not prosecuting them when they are caught defrauding the system.

And this link shows the government's ray gun.

Ayn Rand was right.

Voter Identification

Did you hear that Dems in Ohio want to investigate people's internet chats to see if they really intended to register as Dems legitimately for the primary? This is the same party that gets upset about the Patriot Act. I guess that keeping the wrong people from voting is more important than National Security. I guess that I forgot about vote fraud.

-John Lott


Hillary forced to retract her previous claims about “landing under sniper fire” in Bosnia. There was no sniper fire.

“Coincidentally”, she chooses the day that story breaks to finally denounce Obama’s racist minister.

The new NY governor admits not only to illicit sex, but getting the woman a high-paying job. Now also admits to cocaine use.

Democrats are illegally looking into each other’s passport files.

Democrats plot to install a surprise candidate in the event that the delegate battle is inconclusive for either Clinton or Obama. Could be Gore??!?!!?!?!

Remember these people tried to convince us that Clinton’s Presidency was the most ethical ever?



The Commander has just finished Stephen Mark’s book Confessions of a Political Hitman.

While operating as a Republican-oriented opposition researcher, the author experienced a crisis of conscience du7e to his observation of widespread individual hypocrisy in the Republican Party. He freely admits that this condition is mirrored on the Democrap side, and that while he “detests liberals”, his exit to the fence-sitting middle was due to his nausea over the hypocrisy. He seems to feel that the Democraps are somehow more holy because they just freely admit to venal corruption and blatant double-standardism.

What Mr. Marks fails to realize is that any random individual may be seduced by power, money, or sex. Human failings do not necessarily reflect on the stated goals of the party platform.

Republicans have some bad people. Democrats have bad ideas.


"The society of late twentieth century America is perhaps the first in human history where most grown men do not routinely bear arms on their persons and boys are not regularly raised from childhood to learn skill in the use of some kind of weapon, either for community or personal defense - club or spear, broadsword or long bow, rifle or Bowie knife.

It also happens to be one of the rudest and crudest societies in history, having jubilantly swept most of the etiquette of speech, table, dress, hospitality, fairness, deference to authority and the relations of male and female and child and elder under the fraying and filthy carpet of politically convenient illusions.

With little fear of physical reprisal Americans can be as loud, gross, disrespectful, pushy, and negligent as they please. If more people carried rapiers at their belts, or revolvers on their hips, It is a fair bet you would be able to go to a movie and enjoy he dialogue from the screen without having to endure the small talk, family gossip and assorted bodily noises that many theater audiences these days regularly emit. Today, discourtesy is commonplace precisely because there is no price to pay for it."

Samuel Francis