Friday, July 6, 2007

Jeff Cooper on Global Warming

"A good example of this global dumbing is the concern about "global warming." Dr. Art Robinson, who may be the wisest man I know, suggests that we need a new national program to teach thermometer reading to the American people, as well as to convince them that it is unacceptable to argue that an effect has arrived before the cause has occurred."

"The climate record shows that current temperatures are a little below the mean for the past three thousand years, and that temperatures during those three millennia have often been higher - sometimes by more than 2° centigrade. No climate catastrophe is recorded in the history of those periods."

Dr. Art Robinson

For about 10,000 years now we have been coming out of an ice age. The earth's axial precession is on an approximate 10,000 year cycle which would indicate that temperatures should start declining over the next 10,000 years or so. And the data shows that average temperatures have been declining over the time period we have been tracking it (approx. 3,000 years).

But many many people continue to vest their hopes and efforts in this voodoo. Are you listening Al Gore?

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