Monday, July 9, 2007

Real Progress

As we continue the religiously-motivated cultural conflict in the east (by their choice, not by ours), we may point out that we have:

Walked on the moon

Eplored Mars and Venus

Conquered small pox, polio, and TB

Implemented the B2, the nuclear submarine, and established widespread dependable air transportation

Established a free and incisive press (although biased)

Eradicated slavery and institutionalized prejudice.

Built a network of higher learning institutions unparalleled in history

Raised an entire culture from poverty (even our poor have color TVs, cars, stereos, air conditioning, and fashion)

Our opponents offer only institutionalized malice, repression of women, and a stone-age mindset towards tribalism.

Certainly the West is imperfect, and there are many ways in which we can improve, but the Holy War they offer is a poor answer.

Their jihad may arguably offer them a ticket to heaven, but it will not enhance their life on earth nor delay their passing from it at the hands of our troops.

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