Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dangerous Beards and Balloons

James Hetfield of the rock band Metallica was just prevented from boarding an airplane because his scruffy hipper-than-thou beard looked too "Taliban" to the highly trained and qualified minimum-wage airport security types.

Never mind that he is a worldwide icon to musicians, tall, white, blue-eyed, and obviously not a terrorist-type.

Our friend (an NYPD retired cop) recently had his 9 year old anglo daughter singled out for confiscation of her balloon.

Do you remember the outbreak in the 80's of airline hijackings perpetrated by musicians using their beards for weapons, accompanied by police and young children carrying balloons of mass destruction?

Neither do I. It never happened.

The jihadis run to a type. Thye are easily identifiable. Even a casual perusal of the photos of known terrorists show that the bad guys can be easily identified.

Time to get serious about security and end the nonsense.

Profiling of terror suspects is not just a good idea - it's the right answer!

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