Thursday, May 7, 2009


I’ll tell you a little story: a young populist figured out a way to game the democratic process of a nation. Using empty slogans, intimidation and fraud, he managed to get himself elected and, moreover, managed to get himself elected with sufficient votes to take over power altogether. All very democratic, all very much within what the system, not having planned for the possibility that somebody like him and his followers would show up, allowed.

His message to the people who got him elected? Hope for a better future for themselves and a profound Change of the way things were done in the capital. Nobody ever stopped him because, after all, it was the Will of the People™ and, even though some rules were bent in the process, overall it was just, you know, free and democratic.

Once elected, once given the imprimatur of having achieved power through democratic means, Adolf abolished those means because he wasn’t about to allow somebody else to unseat him in the same fashion.

12 years later, millions were dead and a continent lay in ruins.

All because nobody dared question his rise to power. He was, after all, democratically elected. In a landslide.

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