Thursday, May 7, 2009


In keeping with the spirit of “CHANGE” pervading the electorate, we feel at the Commander’s place that it is time to retire the Klinton-era “President” title (in quotes) which referred to a man duly elected president but without a shred of the dignity, judgment, sobriety, and integrity necessary to acquit the position well.

The question is thus posed of what to call the newly elected Mr. Obama, since he does not fit the same mold as Slick Willie. He may well have the sobriety and dignity for the job, although we seriously doubt the judgment and integrity. Nonetheless, we now need a new title.

To be President, one must be – according to the US Constitution – a natural born citizen. Since Mr. Obama is obviously not, and therefore cannot be, we cannot use the traditional title.

As always, when in need of creative input, one turns to La Contessa, who excels. And one is duly rewarded!

La Contessa suggests the term “Electee”. Huzzah! Perfect! Henceforth, until and unless Mr. Obama presents evidence of his claim to natural-born citizenship, he shall be known as the Electee. And since only a President can be Commander-in-Chief, his military capacity shall be known as “Manager-in-Chief”.

Now the only remaining question is how he can swear to uphold every provision of a document he refuses to follow, but that is a question for another day.

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