Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Idiocrats in SC

The Democratic primary election in South Cariolina has turned absurd.

The winner (60% of the vote) is an unemployed gentleman (bum) whose only work history appears to be that he was involuntarily separated from service in the US Army (Other than Honorable? BCD?). Currently he is facing felony charges for showing obscene photos to a college student.

He faced a judge who actually campaigned, spending more than $200,000 seeking the nomination. Our victor spent nothing, made no appearances, has no campaign, filed no reports and so far has demonstrated no knowledge of the issues or the role of a US Senator.

Now the Democratic Party is embarrassed. Oh, really? Finally.

Laughably, the Democrat Rep. Jim Clyburn sees this as a Republican dirty trick. David Axelrod, doesn't think this was fair.

The only rational response is stunned laughter.

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