Monday, July 20, 2009

Observed in NYC Subways


Obviously productive male entered subway to travel uptown from questionable neighborhood in which he was pursuing his gainfully employed responsibilities.

Self-evident subsidized housing tax parasite was struggling on steps of subway with a baby stroller. Productive's hands being occupied with the tools of his trade, he waited patiently for Ms. Toohey's flailing to cease. Ms. Toohey scrunched to one side to allow Productive to pass.

When he did, another public housing tax parasite began inciting hatred at his "ungentlemanly" conduct. The level of anger and vitriol was inappropriate to anything except Iran's recent murders of people demanding to have their votes properly counted. Presumably his own travel and work requiremetns are meaningless in teh face of some member of the victim culture who requires yet something else they cannot pay for.

Apparently, Mr. Productive is expected to not only provide involuntarily conscripted tax revenue for the support of lower life forms, but to provide direct action in their moment-to-moment assistance as well.

Between food stamps, subsidized housing, state funded day care, and now everywhere-you-go babysitting and handholding, there is no aspect of her life that Ms. Toohey does not expect someone else to provide for her at the expropriation of Cuffy Meigs' gun.

There is truly and literally no limit to the entitlement mindset.

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