Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Republican or Democrap?

It boils down to this: Republicans have a war hero running for president, Ronald Reagan reincarnated as a woman running for vice president, and an opponent in Barack Obama who has voted 97% of the time in lockstep with the failed leadership of the do nothing Democratic Congress, The Dem Congress has failed to pass an energy bill, has failed to stop earmarks and pork barrel spending, and has failed to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq with the result that we won the war that the Dems in Congress said was unwinnable! They bring bills to the floor secretly. They fail in their trust to America (are you listening, Dodd? Rangel? Pelosi?) All this from the most “ethical and transparent” Congress eva.

Republicans are on the right side of all of the truly big issues of the day: Winning the war on terror; cutting pork barrel spending; vetoing all bills that have earmarks; supporting choice in education; stopping efforts to increase taxes; promoting even more free trade; appointing judges who will not legislate from the bench; passing a comprehensive energy bill that includes more drilling, more nuclear power, development of shale oil, and development of wind and solar; supporting the Bill of Rights (mostly); recalibrating the tax code; and creating a culture of life in which child rearing and raising a family is supported and not looked down on.

Palin/McCain !!!! oops.

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