Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Last Thursday, Senator McCain set the stage by congratulating Senator Obama on his historic moment.

Last Friday, Senator McCain made even bigger history with his knock-it-out-of-the-park unanticipated selection of Sarah Palin for VP. His sequencing totally refocused the attention of the media on him and Palin – denying any surge of interest in Obama.

Last Saturday the media swung into gear, nakedly exposing the left’s de facto contempt for women (feminism be damned) and their slime-machine techniques were on open display. No time for subtlety, understand. In the most hilarious moment of the campaign so far, the progressive party of feminists was actually stating that a woman’s place was at home with her children!

On Wednesday, Palin delivered a stunning speech simultaneously defending her record, promoting McCain, and attacking Obama. She pulled it off like a seasoned pro, with some of the best comparisons and summations of Obama’s positions this little old Commander has ever seen.

Former “President” Carter summed up the only Democratic defense nicely when he accused McCain of exploiting his POW story. (huhhhh???!?!?! At least he has a story…)

Last night, McCain delivered a rousing speech on what it means to be an American unencumbered by totalitarian government. How it is supposed to work on the moderate-to-conservative right. And how he planned to shake things up in his term. The left still tries to demonize Palin.

It was a great week in American politics, that’s for sure. A whole new method of campaigning and a whole new Republican dynamic is unfolding before our eyes.

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