Monday, June 2, 2008

Texas Chirruns

In Texas, Judge Walther today released 450 kids back to their FLDS parents, after Judge Walther was delaying such action post-appellate court order to do so.


Now the FLDS is requesting massive voter registration forms, evidently planning to flood their county with voters and engage in political retribution (There are allegedly 2700 registered voters in their area).


The sheriff should be voted out. Along with the town, city, county, or state person el supporting the removal of kids from their homes and families without probable cause. Hell, without even any evidence of an actual crime at all.

The citizens of Texas should be outraged and should insist on equal protection of the laws – even for members of a non-state-approved religion. Then they should be curbing the power of the renegade and unrepentant CPS agency. The head of the agency should be removed and prosecuted. All the police involved should be prosecuted.

Make no bones about it – this was an egregious abuse of police power.

This case followed exactly the story of the intruder who dug up Granny’s gardenia’s and replaced them with daisies. They wound up an a protracted debate over the relative merits of gardenias versus daisies. Completely missing the point: Whose yard was it, anyway?

The proper response to these allegations was to investigate for abuse and remove the adults perpetrating abuse – if any. The 5 or 7 or 24 arrests would have neatly, constitutionally, and effectively resolved the situation.

Whose kids are these, anyway?


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