Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Barack Obama keeps making lackadaisical attempts to show support for Israel (which cost him his Hamas endorsement!)

Yet Israel hating socialists like George Galloway still see him as the clear choice. So do a lot of interesting people: Ayers. Pfleger. Wright. Ortega. Chavez. El-Hady. Castro. Khalidi. FARC.

What is there that draws terrorists, Communists, Jew-bashers, thugs, lugs, dregs, gunslingers, hustlers, rustlers, cutthroats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, conmen, and Methodists to Obama’s campaign like flies to an oyster bar’s dumpster in August? - Michelle Malkin

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