Thursday, March 27, 2008


We note with some amusement the spectacle of the military-loathing Klintons suddenly trying to conjure a pretend connection to the military.

“Under sniper fire!”

As eminently displayed in the media (the media! We always wondered what it would be like if a Democrat got the same media treatment as a Republican. Now we can see it firsthand!) she was lying. How do you tell if a Klinton is… oh, never mind.

Another attempt to fool the public into thin king she has something – anything – at all – in common with normal Americans.

Sidebar – what kind of First Felon Lying Sack of S#!t Serial Lecher Dirtbag “Commander-in Chief” would send his wife into a hot LZ?

AND finally – the Administration was eveidently more afraid of the soldier’s response to her than that of the enemy, so they demanded that the security detail be deprived of ammunition! Now, I’m axin’ you – What good is a detail of MPs in a hot area without ammunition?

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