Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ethics in the News

Another Public Official (D) is going down in flames. After campaigning on “ethics”.

Now he is trying to back and fill and kick up dust and avoid resignation.

Within 48 hours the Senate Republicans will call on the State Speaker to commence impeachment if he does not resign.

We believe that we are about to see a gubernatorial impeachment in New York….

For the (R) side, let's review the Larry Craig situation.

He denies being gay. Yet he was charged with soliciting gay sex in a bathroom and pled guilty to a lesser included charge in order to avoid a scandal – he claims in a moment of stress.

The hidden facts are that he was the person who spearheaded the move (later derailed by democrats) to bring Janet Reno, FBI, and ATF to accounts for Waco.

Reasonable doubt? Perhaps they finally found a way to frame him and ruin him? Who can say for sure?

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