Friday, June 29, 2007


We note with pleasure that the Supreme Court has just overturned certain race-based school program laws. The decision will evidently affect certain programs throughout the nation that assign students to schools based on race (I thought this was made illegal by the Civil Rights Act?) as well as affect many decisions that are based solely on race.

The decision states that race may not be used as a criteria.

People of all races should be overjoyed, as well as educators. But they won't.

The fake ministers of poverty and race will continue to advocate for policies that ultimately do more harm than good based on race, denying those of minority persuasion even the opportunity to complete on an even playing field.

And educators are already crying about losing programs.

They will do anything to marginalize certain races if it means protecting a budget.

Amazing how the policies designed to eliminate race-based thinking and discrimination have only perpetuated it.

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