Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NYPD - New York's finest?

This just in from the "What Next?" file.

An employee of a private real estate company (we'll call him T) was painting out graffiti on a garbage enclosure one rainy morning recently. A long-standing problem in NYC, graffiti (the self-indulgent scribblings designed to boost the "self-esteem" of morons) has resulted in numerous programs operated by the city, including one in which the city will paint it out or remove it themselves in order to keep the streets attractive.

T was painting brown paint on a brown enclosure to cover the graffiti tags placed there the night before. NYPD Officers "A" and "B" (names withheld to protect the stupid) saw this and proceeded to stop the offense by tackling him against a wall. T proceeded to show them his company ID and the logo-emblazoned uniform he was wearing. No luck. He displayed his maintenance toolbag. "Those are burglar tools - you are just getting yourself in deeper" according to A.

When T's supervisor happened across the scene, B explained to her that he could have been "removing the graffiti to tag it again".

1. In the rain?

2. In daylight?

3. In a company uniform?

4. In a bright yellow raincoat?

5. With a company ID?

The "Officers" couldn't watch him a few minutes to see what he was doing. They couldn't identify themselves and ask what he was doing. They tackled him blindly from behind and made several key assumptions.

NYPD can't seem to catch a graffiti artst in the act AT ALL - witness the prevalence of spray can scrawl all over the city. But let a maintenance worker just try to make it better himself.....

WTF is wrong with people?

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