Monday, July 12, 2010

US v. AZ (2)

Alleged AG Eric Holder has field against the Arizona immigration law that seeks to enforce existing US immigration law, by saying that the commerce clause of the Constiution somehow protects the illegal movement of illegal felons across alleged borders, or some such twaddle.

I knew it was bad business the moment that the Odd Man-Child chose the man who granted Marc Rich pardon and defended terrosrists.

He won’t prosecute a blatant case of race-based voter intimidation in Philadelphia, but he’ll search high and low for non-existent racial profiling immigration incidents in Arizona.

Note: There is something so fundamentally wrong with this administration that it cannot be described under the normal courzse of business.

It is not incomeptence or inexperience. It is deliberate. And that raises questions that very few people have the guts to ask.

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