Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Protect Yourself

Amid much debate over the role of self-defense in fighting crime (statistics show that you are much safer fighting back than you are with any other response) a novel response is gaining favor.
Courts have now ruled that police do not have a duty to protect you – only to protect “society at large”. Gun rights advocates thus conclude that a person’s best defense is their own armed response, or at least fighting back with whatever is at hand.

Now, according to USA Today, “Facing tighter budgets, law enforcement agencies across the country are increasingly turning to civilians [Aren’t police civilians too? The police force is not a military body. Yet. -CDR] to respond to some calls that sworn officers and deputies are usually responsible for.


“That means people calling 911 to report a traffic accident, a burglarized home or a stolen car may be greeted by a civilian in a polo shirt instead of a gun-toting officer”. So now they won’t even pretend to protect you…

" ‘It hasn't been universally adopted throughout the country. But most areas have at least thought about the alternative and are more open to it now because of the economy,’ said Richard Brady, president of the Palo Alto, Calif.-based Matrix Consulting Group that has worked with more than 250 law enforcement agencies.”

I guess an individual’s armed response is the best defense after all…

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