Tuesday, September 4, 2007

From a Federal Judge

Most rank-and-file gun grabbers are gun grabbers for three specific reasons: (1) they don't trust themselves, and in particular, don't trust themselves not to eventually wreak mayhem or suicide if they were armed with a gun, and they project this insecurity onto other people (expecting other people to eventually wreak mayhem or suicide when armed), (2) they do not believe they have the confidence and courage to actually defend themselves with a weapon if they come under assault, so they view the ability of others to do so as an advantage others have over them, and they seek to negate their disadvantage, and (3) they do not want to take responsibility for their own safety, because they are not sure they are worth protecting, because they are lazy and feel entitled to have others protect them, and because they have learned (from corrupt people) that helplessness is a currency that can be traded for certain advantages and indulgences. The first motivates them to voice hysterical expectations of blood running in the streets in states that pass concealed carry laws. The second fuels their energetic, viciously hateful campaigns against all who seek to obtain and maintain the means of self-defense. The third is a sort of smoldering engine motivating them to limply but stubbornly oppose the institution of individual self-defense and its means. All are, of course, wholly without moral legitimacy.

from Capitalism Magazine, 2003-May-22, by Alex Kozinski

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